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Locke - Birmingham Premiere - Interviews with Tom Hardy and steven Knight

Well there certainly was no turning back as actor Tom Hardy (Batman, Inception, Bronson) and director Steven Knight (Hummingbird, Peaky Blinders) attend the Birmingham premiere of Locke. Join us as we ask Tom Hardy about how liberating it was working on this movie and if he had to apply a different acting approach for a film where he is constantly on a close-up; we ask Steven Knight on high calibre casting and how the film was shot and we were also pleasantly surprised to interview comedian and Steven's friend Brummie Jasper Carrott as we ask all about how they too had collaborated together, so if you want to know about the origins of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, then tune in to find out all about it!

Labor Day Press Conference and Premiere interviews - Jason Reitman, Kate Winslet & Josh Brolin

Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno and William McLaughlan interview attend the press conference and premiere of Jason Reitman’s latest film and book adaptation Labor Day starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. Join us as we interview director / Screenwriter Jason Reitman about the heart of the film; actors Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin about playing part without vanity.

The Zero Theorum - UK Premiere - Interviews Terry Gilliam and Sanjeev Bhaskar

Premiere Scene’s William McLaughlan and Mike Jonas spoke with director Terry Gilliam and actor Sanjeev Bhaskar at Odeon West End about their film The Zero Theorum starring Christopher Waltz. The film focuses on a computer hacker searching for the meaning of existence.Terry Gilliam told us about the quick, organic process of making this film; the decision to shoot in Bucharest, Romania; and how science fiction allows him to comment on present day society. Sanjeev Bhaskar told us about playing his character Doctor 1 and what it was like working with Terry Gilliam.

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